Credit without fees – where to compare

Credit without fees – where to compare

February 7, 2020 0 By admin

After the transparency of many loan offers has been heavily questioned in the past few months, many providers have improved their conditions and made their loan products clearer for the borrower. Finding a loan without fees that convinces with attractive terms is no longer particularly difficult.

The numerous online banks in particular have recently revitalized the credit business, so that borrowers are now able to benefit from low interest rates and flexible contractual terms. In particular, the online banks on the Internet can often convince with attractive interest rates, which can be attributed not least to the fact that the online banks do not have a branch network and therefore lower personnel costs etc.

If you want to find credit today without fees and attractive interest, you should definitely use a comparison on the Internet. It is fundamentally not advisable to conclude a loan without an extensive comparison.

Compare credit without fees – it is important to take this into account

Compare credit without fees - it is important to take this into account

When comparing several offers on the Internet, the interest conditions in particular should be compared exactly. In particular, the effective interest rate must be taken into account when comparing several offers, since in addition to the debit interest rate, this also captures the individual framework conditions of the loan in the form of term and loan amount, and the creditworthiness of the borrower is also taken into account.

Since the effective interest rate is highly variable, this can only be determined by taking individual information into account. We therefore advise against theoretical interest rate comparisons. The effective interest rate can be influenced by the borrower by selecting the term and the loan amount. Long terms always result in high borrowing costs, and the same applies to large loan amounts, since these involve high risks.

The credit rating is decisive for the effective interest rate. Those who have a positive Credit Bureau and a regular income can look forward to particularly low interest rates. In the case of loans without fees, however, no processing, provision, administration costs etc. are taken into account in the effective interest rate. Loans without fees are therefore cheaper than conventional credit products.

Find credit without fees through a targeted comparison on the Internet

Find credit without fees through a targeted comparison on the Internet

The credit comparison on the Internet enables interested consumers to permanently access the cheapest offer. Financial portals on the Internet today provide loan calculators for comparing loans without fees. The comparison with a loan calculator offers the borrower the opportunity to make a comparison taking into account individual loan sizes.

Because the term, loan amount, repayment, income etc. can be taken into account in the search, the search can be quickly narrowed down and the best individual offer can be found. In this way, the comparison on the Internet can help borrowers to secure the best interest rates in the long term and, above all, to save a lot of money in the long term.